Dry Land Clinics

These land clinics can be taught outdoors in the summer season.  In the off season these clinics can be taught via Zoom in the evenings or on the weekends.  Cost $35 per hour.  Subjects covered are;
How to use a compass
How to read a Marine Chart
How to Navigate using a Marine Chart & Compass
George McFarlin

Owner, Deep Bay Kayaking

A Lunar Day

Tides and Currents Clinic - $35.00/person

Take a 3-hour clinic to understand how the moon and sun affect the tides and cause the always changing currents.  You will learn to use the Tide tables to calculate the sea level at any given time and know when to navigate through a narrow passage. You will plan a day trip taking into account the currents and the tides to match your skills with the water conditions.
Earth's Weather

Weather Clinic - $35.00/person

Take a 3-hour Clinic on Weather and learn what causes our weather here on the BC coast. Wind is the single biggest factor when you decide to go for a paddle.  Taking this clinic will teach you how to predict the weather based on what you see and the marine weather report.  You will also learn how to use your VHF radio to understand what the marine weather report is telling you regarding the weather tomorrow or the next day.
Kayak Navigation

Charts & Compass Clinic - $35.00/person

Take a 3-hour clinic on how to use a Compass along with a Marine Chart. You will learn how to plot a course for a day trip in an unfamiliar areas using the compass and charts.  Learning to navigate is a way to always stay ‘found’.