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Kayak Training is Our Business

Ask yourself the following questions:

Would you like to try paddling a sea kayak for the first time?

While sitting in your kayak would you like to feel like you are “wearing” your kayak?

Are you afraid of capsizing?

Do you use your rudder to control the direction of your kayak?

Are you one of the slower paddlers in your group of paddling friends?

Would you like to advance your paddling skills to the next level?

Would you like to learn the proper body mechanics of the forward stroke?

Would you like to feel confident about getting back into your kayak after a capsize?

Are you planning a West Coast camping trip and would like to brush-up on your rescue skills?

Do your shoulder or arm muscles ache after a short paddle?

Would you like to feel totally comfortable after sitting in your kayak for a few hours?

Would you like to try paddling your kayak with a Greenland paddle?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions, we are here to help you, phone or  text me at 778.939.7676.


Kayak Training

We offer kayak training for everyone from beginners to advanced paddlers, from teenagers to seniors.  We can help you improve your confidence and enjoy your time on the water.

Kayak Clinics

Are you Interested in learning more about kayaking? Clinics offer an excellent way for you and a friend to upgrade your kayaking skills.  From On Water Clinics, to Dry Land Clinics, to Private Kayaking Lessons, we can provide it all.

Upgrade Your Kayaking Skills with a Clinic

An “On the Water Clinic” is a great way for paddlers to upgrade their skills.  Start with a basic Strokes clinic to get you out on the water paddling your kayak:

  • Strokes Clinic
  • Directional control Clinic
  • Rescue Clinic
  • Rolling Clinic
  • Greenland paddle Strokes Clinic

There are also Dry Land Clinics:

  • Tides and Currents on the BC coast
  • Interpreting the BC Marine Weather Report from a VHF radio
  • Reading and using a Marine Chart for navigation
  • How to use your deck compass for Navigation
  • Fitting & Rigging your kayak.

If you are looking for an advance clinic we would suggest a rescue or rolling clinic that will provide you with skills to rescue yourself or another paddler in more dynamic water conditions.  If you are curious about using the Greenland paddle, try the Greenland Strokes clinic, paddles provided.

Kayak Tours

We offer tours to Chrome Island Lighthouse, Heron Rocks, Fords Cove Marina, Norris Rock seal colony, and Tribune Bay.    An easy tour for the novice paddler would be a tour to Chrome Island Lighthouse.  A more advanced paddle, would be a 4-hour tour to Tribune Bay and the white sandy beach.

These tours include kayak rental and paddling gear.  We require a minimum of two people per tour and we suggest that you bring a lunch, drinking water and a camera (waterproof if possible).

The waters around Deep Bay provide ideal conditions for beginners to practice the sport of kayaking.

Kayak Tours

Are you ready to get out on the water and see your world from a kayak? Kayaks can take you to places that no boat can get to and most wildlife do not feel threatened by someone in a kayak.  I have personally been within 10 feet of a whale, simply amazing.

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Call my cell phone at 778-939-7676 – If you get voice mail, please leave a message.  My cell is OFF when I am driving or out on the water. You can also send me a text message.


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