Our Nuchatlitz trip

Please note: Some of these pictures were taken by Pat Jones on Island 44 in the Nuchatlitz Marine Park and are being used with her permission.


Our Nuchatlitz kayaking trip started with getting our loaded kayaks aboard the Uchuck III at Gold River, the day before sailing out to Nuchatlitz Provincial Marine Park for 9 days of camping. 

Departing Gold River early in the morning, the Uchuck III sailed for about 7 hours, then we were hoisted into the water for a wet launch just off Rosa Island (just inside the Marine Park).

From there we paddled through the Marine park and up Nuchatlitz Inlet to Benson Point campsite. The beaches around Benson Point are all beautiful white sand. We camped here for 4 days and explored the area and then returned to Island 44 for 5 days. 

On day 8 the water conditions looked calm enough for a paddled over to Catala Island. Catala Island is also a Marine Park. We explored the eastern shore of Catala Island that has many sea caves and sea stacks. 

On the 9th day we packed up camp and loaded our kayaks to meet the MV Uchuck III just off Rosa Island on its return trip to Gold River. We were hoisted back aboard and had a nice home cooked meal for lunch on board while it made a few stops picking up cargo and passengers.

During our kayak camping trip we shared cooking meals for supper, lots of paddling in some lumpy water (12 to 15 feet rollers with the wind creating wind waves on top of the rollers).

On Island 44 we had a wolf visit our campsite very early in the morning, a member of our group was up early and took pictures as he meandered down the beach not 20 feet away. We didn’t see any whales, but lots of sea otter around the kelp beds. For a few days we had fog in the morning but by lunchtime the fog was gone, and clear blue skies prevailed.

George McFarlin

Owner, Deep Bay Kayaking

Nuchatlitz Provincial Park

Nuchatlitz Provincial Park encompasses the very northwest tip of Nootka Island and a large number of small island groups. This picturesque area is perfect for exploring by kayak and paddlers can enjoy meandering through these peaceful islands, pulling out at random locations to camp as they see fit. A wealth of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts exists, including boating, sport fishing, camping and wildlife viewing within the park and its surrounding area.

The maze of islets and reefs that make up Nuchatlitz Provincial Park offer excellent opportunities to study intertidal life in the many tide pools that can be found throughout the area. These remote islands offer both exposed coast and protected waters for paddling, quiet coves and a multitude of beaches.

Established Date: April 30, 1996
Park Size: 2,105 hectares (442 hectares of upland, 1,663 hectares of foreshore)