Out-Fitting Your Kayak

Replacing or upgrading your old sagging deck lines and bungie cord, improving your hip and thigh pads, and moving your seat to actually FIT you, will greatly improve your comfort level while paddling.

The yellow sea kayak below is an example of a kayak that has been out-fitted properly with new deck lines and bungie cord.  A “paddle park” was added for the paddle and the back of the seat has been refitted with a foam back rest for the size and shape of the paddler.  The new deck lines are 7 mm cord, the new bungie cord is 8 mm, both made in USA.  Most new kayaks are sold with 5 mm or 6 mm Nylon deck lines because this cord is less expensive and easier to install. The nylon cord stretches over time and can become totally useless for re-entering your kayak.

To replace the existing deck lines and bungie cord takes approximately 3 to 4 hours on most kayaks. The cost of out-fitting a kayak like this is approximately $100 including the cost of material. Adding a “Paddle Park” either on the bow or stern of your kayak would be extra but adds the convenience of being able to quickly attach your paddle to the kayak when attempting a dynamic water rescue.

George McFarlin

Owner, Deep Bay Kayaking

A decked out sea kayak.

Below is an example of a Paddle Park added to the fore deck.


Deck of kayak showing a Paddle Park

Below is an example of Re-entry Handles added to the aft deck.


Hand - Paddle straps