Rockpool And Valley Kayak Reseller

Deep Bay Kayaking is now an official Rockpool and Valley Kayak Reseller!

The message below is from Pat Jones, she is the President of PIKA Kayak Club based in Langley.

So excited for you in your new adventure representing Valley and Rockpool!

I paddled from Whytecliff park to Cape Roger Curtis on Bowen Island and back with my friend Niko, who was giving his Rockpool Taran 16 it’s maiden voyage. He could not say enough good things about it…easy turning, rolling etc.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to contact us about getting a Rockpool or Valley British Performance Kayak of your own.

George McFarlin

Owner, Deep Bay Kayaking

Bach ETO Sea Kayak

The Rockpool Bach ETO performance British sea kayak..


Valley Etain 17.5

The Valley Etain 17.5 is a Fast straight tracking “play boat” but maintains it’s performance even while loaded..


Rockpool Kayaks design and build innovative high performance sea kayaks using the best techniques and materials.

At Rockpool Kayaks they have extensive experience of designing, manufacturing and paddling their world renowned sea kayaks.

Their team take pride in being able to supply the best sea kayaks, each one hand built to exact customer specifications with bespoke graphics. they are constantly seeking new technologies in order to continually improve their products and ensure their kayaks remain the most advanced and progressive available. They have an ongoing development programme to explore new designs, features and refinements. But above all, they enjoy kayaking.